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Jan. 21st, 2016 08:05 pm
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So lately I have discovered and become somewhat addicted to eShakti. It's a mail-order company specializing in customized women's clothing (ETA: though they also have standard sizes!). They will customize sleeve length, length, and often neckline, AND make it to your measurements. And -- and this is the reason I found out about them in the first place, and a big reason I've gotten addicted to them -- most of their stuff has POCKETS. Deep and generous pockets!

The customization of sleeve length and length is super awesome for me; LDS clothing norms are that everything you wear has to have sleeves and go down to the knee. There's a bit of fudge factor there: cap/dolman sleeves are usually okay, as is something that's just above the kneecaps, but sleeveless dresses and mid-thigh skirts are Right Out to wear to church, no matter how conservatively it is cut otherwise. (And in general I prefer longer hemlines, because they are more likely to be swishy, and okay, I am a sucker for swishy skirts.)

And have you tried to find a knee-length dress with sleeves recently? Even laying aside the pockets, it's... pretty much entirely impossible. I mean, what everyone actually does is layer, but why shouldn't I be able to actually get a dress the way I want to wear it?

I also have a figure that does not, uh, always play well with standard sizes. After pregnancies, and irrespective of my weight, my waist size has become about three sizes larger than what my hip and bust size would indicate. My legs are short, and the top of my torso (between shoulders and bust) is long, and my natural waist is really high up and looks weird when I wear stuff there. Even with all that, I can often wear standard dresses, but I would definitely not order a standard dress without trying it on first and expect it to fit with any kind of reliability.

I have so far ordered several things from them, and here's my experience:
Stuff. )

-In general, if you're thinking of ordering from them for the first time I'd counsel reading several online reviews, both good and bad, to get more of an idea of what to look out for.

-I'm not sure I would look at this as a go-to place to get really nice dresses (though they do sell what look like nice party/formal dresses). But for casual-ish dresses, I really really like them.

-The company is based in India, but the returns are in the US, so that's nice. They're working on prepaid returns, but I haven't seen this yet — which would be a big plus.

I do have one of those deals where I can give you $40 off a purchase of $70 or more (and I then get the same deal), so if you would like that, email/message me and I'll set you up :) But please do not feel AT ALL compelled to do this. It's not why I wrote this post, and eShakti often has First-Time Customer bargains, no third party necessary, that are about as good. (I don't know if they stack. I assume not.)


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