Oct. 1st, 2015

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I am so tired of ants! We get sugar ants every year, when it gets hot and dry. This year has been much hotter and dryer than usual, so the ants have been worse than I've ever seen them before.

It's not that we get the ant invasions with hundreds of ants pouring into the house because they've found a small crumb on the floor, although we do. The ant invasions, I've found, can be dealt with by using Terro ant traps. (Tip: Terro ant traps are the only thing we have ever found that actually work to get rid of ants. And we have tried lots of other things: other ant traps, ant spray, flour, vinegar... At the local hardware store in the summer there is a big hole in the ant trap section where the Terro ant traps are stocked because people have made a run for them, while all the other sorts of ant traps are fully stocked because they don't work.)

But for some reason the ants just... kind of... like to hang out in our house. We'll get, like, five or ten of them just meandering around the floor on some unfathomable ant errand. These ants don't seem to care about the ant traps, either. The problem is that they are everywhere -- five or ten in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the bookshelf, worst of all on the bed -- and they don't seem to mind crawling on people, either. It turns out that if I have to have a bug crawling on me, sugar ants set off my bug squick less than any other possible bug, so I guess that's good? But it's really annoying!


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