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...YES. I am about halfway through Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I am blaming [personal profile] genarti for this one, because she just had to show me that great Roy and Riza icon that got me thinking, hey, you know, seeing this in color could be really cool… And I am also blaming the fact that they are less than half an hour long each, which was very appealing because I have no attention span anymore. (HA, by the way. This turned out to be irrelevant, as I usually snarf down at least two episodes at a time.)

Anyway! Really good! By and large very faithful adaptation! I have all sorts of emotional feelings about it! I am a sucker for voice acting in general (and I find all the actors superb)! It makes me extremely emotional pretty regularly! I am really glad I read the manga first, though. One reason is that I tend to multitask when I watch TV, so I often miss huge glaring parts of the plot, and this is one show where that… doesn't work so well. The other is… why I had to make this post. Spoilers through Episode 30 / manga volume 16. (Yes. THAT ONE.)

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I FINISHED IT. *flails madly*

YES, wow, very tightly plotted, that... had about the highest ratio of truly stupendous plot (and/or character) twists to actual text that I've ever seen, and I am in love with all of the characters, and now I'm afraid to read any more manga because that one was so good, ha.

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...I promise I'll post something next time that's not about FMA. Really.

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And that was when I went out (or, well, you know, to amazon) and bought the whole bloody thing.
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IT HAS COME TO THIS. I have been driven to liveblog (or whatever) my FMA consumption. Also, Choir Director let us have a rehearsal off after Easter last night, so I, uh, took the opportunity to read a lot more.

So, um. By my estimation major MAJOR PLOT REVEALS are happening every other chapter or so!

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...why yes, I have officially become the Last Person in the World to read the manga. (No, I have not become the last person in the world to watch it. Though I might, who knows?) [personal profile] skygiants hooked me by describing it as starting out about a couple of characters and their quest, but gradually widening out to where you realize the world and the plot and the stakes are way bigger than what you thought at first. Which is basically the way to get me to read/watch/consume anything, really. (If you have any other suggestions of things that are like this, besides Gunnerkrigg Court and Digger, both of which I think kind of also follow that pattern, please tell me!)

Also, I like Ed and Al Elric (okay, fine, I adore Al madly), but I really am crushing hard on Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Maes Hughes(!!), Maria Ross (!!) and, oh, Team Mustang in general. (I, uh, may have spoiled myself for several plot developments by going to AO3 and looking for Roy/Riza.)

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