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The thrilling conclusion! (I did, actually, very much like these books, after being somewhat bored by the last installment.) I wrote each book up right after reading it, which may account for some repetition/slight discrepancies in what I thought was going to happen vs. what actually happened.

Book 10: Sons and fathers and the gods throwing a hissy fit. )

Book 11: Everyone gets tired of fighting. Camilla is super-cool. )

Book 12: A whole heap of stuff happens, as if Virgil is taking all the plot that Books 5 and 9 didn't have and shoving it in this one, and...that's the end? )

The end! (And I apologize again for the two-month disappearance in the middle...) Hm, what should I read next?
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I should mention that I am reading the Sarah Ruden translation (thanks for the rec, [ profile] ricardienne!) which I really like. I get the impression (correct me if I'm wrong; I don't have much Latin) that it tries to get at the spirit of the lines rather than stay absolutely true to the meter and specific-words, and I am really leaning towards those kinds of translations nowadays. (If you'd talked to me ten years ago, I would have said something different, mind.)

I said I was going to post on books 1-3, but ricardienne pointed out that 1-4 is really a natural sequence (all of Dido), and I have FEELINGS on Dido, so I'm going to do 1 (the setup!) this time, and then 2-4 for the next post.

Book 1: Arms and a man I sing. Or: A woman led [them]. )


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