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I'm still alive. Mostly. In the last month, my life has been swallowed by the following:

a) the stomach flu that has been Going Around (fortunately, neither D nor A got it),

b) JURY DUTY, FINALLY DONE (this ate more than two weeks of my life -- and, because it was longer hours and much less flexible than my job, cast D in the role of Primary Parent for the first time since A was born, which was almost worth all the rest of it, but not really. I actually feel really good about doing my civic duty! But the case itself I have horribly mixed feelings about now),

c) our nanny being hospitalized for depression last week (I'm really, really grateful that she got help, and really concerned about her, and at the same time this has meant all my free time not in jury duty was spent either trying to figure out how A was going to be taken care of (I ended up calling in almost all the favors that I have) or looking for a new long-term child-care solution (it becoming clear that nanny's condition was serious enough that she's probably going to go back to her family in a week or two), which I think we've found, and let me just say that I don't know what I would have done before,

d) the cold that has been Going Around, which all of us got, though fortunately A had no symptoms except waking up every two hours inconsolable at night, which was quite bad enough, and

e) getting ready for vacation.

Note that the things that usually consume my December are not on that list: a) work (I have charged 6 actual work hours in the month of December, ARGH) b) music (for the first time since E was born I have actual zero music commitments in the month of December because of arranging vacation so that I couldn't be there for any of it) c) Yuletide (my assignment was done in November, and much of a treat, which I've been nibbling at during jury duty breaks, but only one treat, and at a very leisurely pace) and d) usual Christmas emotional labor-ish things like giving teachers gifts and sending Christmas cards (D and E made brownies one day and the teachers got those, whee).

...Christmas cards might be sent from my sister's house. (If I've known you for a while and you'd like a card and I don't have your address, PM it to me and I... might?... get around to sending you one before the new year, depending on exactly how overscheduled my sister wants to make Christmas :) )
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