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This baby is basically the greatest thing in the world. He likes to look at me! (Less now that he's discovered The World! Sooooo many things to look at! And cram in one's mouth! But occasionally he will still look at me!) I can get him to laugh consistently by "jumping" him! (And oh boy, his sister is, as far as he's concerned, the Greatest Comedian Ever. All she has to do is laugh and he will laugh right back at her. It's amazing to watch. I wonder if he can tell that she's qualitatively different than an adult, because he definitely thinks she is way more exciting than anyone else in the world.) He likes to listen to music!

We call him "Emoticon Baby" because when he's in a good mood (i.e., when he's had enough sleep), his smile looks pretty much exactly like this: :D

He snuggles. I look back at what I wrote about E at the same age, and she did a lot of fun things and had the most adorable smile (which she still has), but she never snuggled. Several people mentioned at the time that I held E. as if she were a sack of potatoes, and I've been going along for years thinking that I was such a terrible mother that I didn't know how to hold a baby. It turns out... it's because she would go limp, in fact like a sack of potatoes, when one held her. Her nanny mentioned that to us, but I didn't realize how much easier and more natural it was to hold a baby when the baby snuggles against you. (I didn't really hold other people's babies very much because I felt very self-conscious about being deficient in holding babies.)

He needs to nap more. My mom is watching him until our babysitter can start, which is really great of her, but I think it's hard for her to let him cry, which he sometimes needs to do to sleep more. I was actually worried about him, that he was getting irritable and not doing eye contact and not smiling as much, but then he crashed and had a long nap yesterday, and afterwards he was practically a different baby, super smiley and happy.

He's at that sweet spot right now where he can lie on his tummy and prop himself up on his hands and look around interestedly, but he's NOT MOBILE YET. The best! He's gonna crawl a lot earlier than E. did, and I'm so not looking forward to having to babyproof everything. Babyproofing seems a lot harder with a five-year-old around...
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