Apr. 8th, 2015

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-Happy Easter, um, three days late :) The first Easter in a number of years I have spent at one church -- D's (mine had General Conference this weekend, and I have begged off from Catholic choir for the foreseeable future) -- and doing zero choir singing. ZERO. So weird! I felt extremely decadent and a bit guilty. I had mad thoughts of running off with the baby and singing with the Catholic choir after all, but then sanity (and fatigue) prevailed.

-So, a couple of days ago I wrote (in the unposted draft of this post) that I was getting a little tired of the little milk-demanding pooping lump, even though he is a very good, very placid, very-good-napping, not-fussy milk-demanding lump. But then yesterday the eye contact achievement was unlocked, so that was pretty great! I'm waiting somewhat impatiently for smiles, though I know that's at least several weeks out.

-Last night he slept for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT, which as far as I'm concerned is near-miraculous, his previous record being something like 2.5. Of course, he was up every hour or so after that, demanding all the food he didn't get during that time.

-So this baby is hilarious. In particular: I am continually amazed by how much he knows instinctually as regards food -- I know not every baby can manage this, but this baby, from birth, could open his mouth super wide when he's hungry, latch on pretty much instantaneously, use a quick motion to stimulate letdown and a slow one to maximize drinking volume -- it's pretty amazing. And yet, with all that, what he can't do is figure out where the nipple is. He's a little better now that I think his eyes work a little better, but he still often hares off in some other direction entirely, or, even more hilariously, angles his head backwards, as if there were some kind of milk waiting for him behind his head. It's a good thing he isn't a puppy having to root around and compete with other puppies, as I think he'd starve!


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