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I don't quibble with Moses disappearing up the mountain, that seems compatible, but it seems strange to me that Schoenberg is OK with Moses and God talking in words at all when I thought Aaron's whole point at the end of Act II is that words themselves become symbols and therefore barriers between us and God. I guess what you (Moses) might be saying is that in his relationship with God this doesn't apply even if he's still using the same words as the rest of us, but that seems a little facile to me. (This reaction is probably also LDS/Protestant-related, since there's such a strong vein in general Protestant culture/theology of no one's relationship with God being special in these days at least (*). I guess textually it's pretty clear Moses did have a special relationship (which is even referenced by Paul in the New Testament). But also, I mean... Aaron's right, words are an intermediary! Words naturally are fraught with difficulty and symbolism, even when unintended. So it seems to me that Schoenberg isn't being quite consistent here.)

Yeah, kiddo and I are reading Joshua/Judges right now -- in a children's Bible format, admittedly, but still it's a pretty stark transition even in a cursory reading of the (simplified) text. (Kiddo keeps asking why the Israelites keep turning away from God, which they are doing every chapter or so, and I keep trying to point out that she doesn't always do what I say either so it's not like the Israelites are unique in this regard, but not sure it's sinking in. :) )

(*) I know this seems to contradict what I said before about the LDS prophet, but it doesn't really. The Prophet has a special position of authority with respect to the Church, so is authorized particularly to receive revelation with respect to the Church. I (for example) am authorized to receive revelation for my own family, and perhaps for people that I am responsible for via my church callings, but not for the Church as a whole. But the conduit of revelation is generally the same, although there is definitely the idea that the Prophet talks to God more, is more sensitive to His promptings, and has a closer relationship with Him -- but it's a matter of degree, not of kind.
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