Date: 2016-09-13 04:59 am (UTC)
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Well, yes, at least half that post was written with you in mind :P :)

ahahahaha yes it just Changes Everything. I mean the splitting of the sea kind of goes against… everything… Moses talks about in M&A, doesn't it! And the commandments! I just. You are right, NOW I UNDERSTAND.

I'm glad you like the female-oriented structure — I had a lot of fun with playing with the bits and pieces we get in the text.

So — what you say about an interventional God is very interesting. I did have a LOT of trouble writing the Miriam section — at one point I told sprocket I was Not Writing Miriam talking to God No Way. But the fic needed Miriam's POV, so I eventually bent to necessity and wrote it. I still think it's a relatively weak section, because how do you write God?!

And at the same time, I didn't really think about God being present in the lives of that generation the same way that you've explicitly thought about it, or perhaps it came directly out of writing this for an LDS audience, because it's very similar to the way that LDS people think in general. I mean, LDS people really believe in God as someone who has direct influence in their lives and who is very accessible for not only physical intervention (which is the least prominent) but also and constantly advice (and, I mean, explicit advice on things like "should my family and I move to [town]?"), comfort, etc. (Part of this is that LDS theology specifically and explicitly anthropomorphizes God to a much greater degree than any other mainstream modern religion of which I am aware.) Not only that, but it also is an LDS belief that God directly talks to the Prophet / President of the Church, and that the Prophet and Apostles talking to the Church formally twice a year is in fact modern-day scripture, so there's this idea of God (still) being constantly present that I think is unique. (Catholics come the closest in the Christian sphere, with the Pope, but I don't think there's quite the belief that he talks directly to God on a regular basis.) I mean, it's obviously not the same as having God in the pillar of cloud and fire, and of course there are heretics like me who find the prophet thing hard to swallow, but it's there and it informs a lot of the way the LDS respond to things (including me, for that matter).

M&A, yeah, has none of that, oh man, it is SO DIFFERENT and the characters are all twisted the way the responses have to be twisted and... hmm, going back to the interventional God, I guess there's the Burning Bush stuff, but even that I thought was kind of weird in Schoenberg's worldview given that he's all about the unperceivable and inconceivable and words betraying image and… well, I dunno, to me the Burning Bush kind of negates all that too. But maybe that was Schoenberg's point, that it's inconceivable in any case.
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