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So, I have lots of other things I keep intending to post about, and not enough time to do it in, but okay, let's talk about the 2016 Hugo nominees (ETA: added link, oops), because although the nominees themselves, and the Sad/Rabid Puppies, are incredibly boring, there were some related developments that were actually kind of interesting and that I want to talk about because it occurs to me that some of you probably haven't become obsessive about the Hugos don't know what's going on here.

(None of this will be news to you if you follow FFA's threads about Hugopocalyse, which I know a couple of you do. I honestly haven't really been reading that much about it aside from the FFA threads.)

You may or may not have heard that the Puppies got a bunch of their nominees on the list of 2016 Hugo nominees, including some where they're clearly hoping everyone will vote No Award again (e.g., Bujold's Penric's Demon). I have mostly been deeply bored by this. Okay, Puppies, that's nice, and now the grownups will get on with it and, you know, vote according to which things we actually like to read.

The novel ballot actually looks pretty darn good to me (though I'm really sad that Robinson's Aurora didn't get on, which is exactly the sort of thing I'd expect would get on in a "normal" year, but given that I didn't manage to read/nominate it, I can't really complain that much); the novella and novelette ballot look decent.

Then there's Related Work, which I'm not going to say anything about (except that I'm really hoping the Gene Wolfe is halfway-decent), and then there's Short Stories. Vox Day's Rabid Puppies' slate swept both, and they both look pretty horrible.

The short story slate includes "Space Raptor Butt Invasion," which is male-male human-dinosaur erotica written by "Dr. Chuck Tingle," a pseudonym for someone who has written, I believe, quite a bit of dinosaur erotica and who has a really hilariously consistent online persona. (It's clearly a persona, as a real person of this type would not have such a firm grasp on trope and parody and trolling, but it's a quite consistent one.)

(I still don't really understand what Vox Day / the Rabid Puppies were thinking. Like, there are estimates of the size of the slate voting here and here (I agree more with the former's assumptions) which estimate the slate voting at about 200-300. And none of those people — and, mind you, these are generally deeply conservative people -- said, "Hold on, maybe I don't want to cast my vote for gay dinosaur erotica"? Also, does Vox Day realize that he's become a laughingstock? I mean, he was a laughingstock last year, but now it's to the point that you can explain to a random non-SF-fan off the street why he's ludicrous.)

Anyhow, I myself was kind of appalled that something called Space Raptor Butt Invasion got nominated for the Hugo. Because the Hugo is SRS BSNS! At least FFA was super happy about it (Chuck Tingle appears to be a sort of FFA mascot), so at least someone was happy, was kind of my opinion.

And then Chuck Tingle changed my mind.

So, obviously, there's been a lot of controversy about Chuck Tingle's nomination, with a lot of people feeling the way I do (vaguely appalled), some people accusing Chuck Tingle of being a Puppy shill, and so on. N.K. Jemisin wrote a series of tweets where she argued that Chuck Tingle should withdraw. (So, look: I would love it if Jemisin won for Hugo novel. I think that would be marvelous. But regardless of that, it's not a cool thing to try to police someone else like that, and especially not a cool thing to say if you're another Hugo nominee. And a slated one at that. Which I realize she can't help, any more than any other slater could, but. (ETA: she was on the Sad Puppies rec list, not the Rabid Puppies slate. Never mind! Go Jemisin for appealing to everyone!))

Anyway, Chuck Tingle replied to all this by publishing another short story, Space Raptor Butt Redemption, with the following summary:

After a year stationed on planet Zorbus, astronaut Lance Tanner and his raptor lover Orion return home to find that they are not greeted as heroes, but as villains.

Unbeknownst to Lance, his space travels have been funded by the villainous Scoundrels Inc, a corporation that has deep ties to the illegal trade of unicorn tears and a destructive mining project at the core of the earth. Now Lance is on trial for a number of false charges; from having connections to the wicked Scoundrels, to being too strange for space.

The opposing lawyer argues that space is only for serious astronauts, and that love between a raptor and a man is giving space travel a bad name. Lance is arguing that there’s room to be weird in space. More importantly, Lance is arguing for the idea of love itself; that just because something comes out of darkness doesn’t mean it can’t become a beacon of light.

Of course, this all culminates in a hardcore dinosaur on astronaut pounding that will have your jaw on the courtroom floor!

This erotic tale is 5,000 words of sizzling human on gay dinosaur action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies, voyeurism and space raptor love.

Chuck Tingle, you are a class act.

(Also, you know what takes the cake for me? Except for the erotica part, the rest of that summary could so be a Cordwainer Smith story. I mean, CS is very much more subtle and marvelous, but in general theme it's the kind of zany thing that CS would have written about. Also: unicorn tears!)

I'm almost certainly not going to vote Invasion over No Award (I have to read it before I can say for sure, but I'm pretty sure), but sir, you have reconciled me to its presence on the ballot. And if it wins (there are certainly a lot of FFAers who will vote for it right along with the puppies), I'm reconciled to that too.
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