Hugos: Monstress Vol 1

May. 22nd, 2017 12:47 pm
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I admit that I'm not well-read in graphic novels, but I've touched a decent portion of Neil Gaiman's work, so I know how a good graphic novel can look. (Monstress is not a Gaiman work.) This story read and appeared like something out of Books of Magic but the story was much easier to follow. It was Gaiman-esque - or perhaps troperific - in the over-the-top sadism, the spraying gore, the circles of betrayal, and even the smart-ass cat.

Since we all know there are no new stories, the craft is in the telling. And this one was decently built. I like the origin stories of the various sentients. I am glad the names are distinct because I had some trouble telling Sophia and Maika apart at the beginning before I caught the rhythm of the when vs. the where as the story moved around. I like the choices in secondary characters, including a hulking big warrior woman and the pacifist farmer woman.

And really - I want their costume and special effects departments on my team. Gravity is only in effect when it's flattering.

Hugos: Saga, Vol 6

May. 22nd, 2017 11:30 am
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Pretty good. There are some odd choices in characterization, but that might just be because I'm dropping in well after the plot was established. And my little geeky heart adores that Esperanto is used as the "foreign" language in the story.

The narrative voice is an older incarnation of the four-year-old Hazel around whom the plot revolves. The commentary is a mostly-thoughtful juxtaposition of philosophy against the various conflicts this story is following. As far as I can figure out, Hazel's parents are on different sides of a galactic war. There are intergalactic tabloid writers on the hunt for an exiled prince whose guardian knows how to break Hazel out of prison camp, as requested by Hazel's parents. And there are a bunch of other characters and happenings that appear to be intertwined but aren't central to this volume.

I don't mind being dropped into the middle of a story when the characters are complicated but not opaque and the graphics make it easy to remember who is who and where is where even when I can't keep up with the names. And I appreciate that scent is important to at least one race in the story.

"... anyone who thinks one book has all the answers hasn't read enough books."
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I keep trying to write up my response to Castle in the Air but basically I really liked it a lot and it was great, also there was a very angry kitten, and the things I want to talk about it end up being complicated structural/worldbuilding questions that go beyond just this book. So I think I will just do a short three things capsule and save the drafts for more pondering:

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones )

Contrast this to the other YA series I finished in the last couple weeks, Laurence Yep's Dragon of the Lost Sea series, which has been my nemesis since I was about nine because the library had ONLY THE THIRD BOOK, which BEGAN AND ENDED AT CLIFFHANGERS, and twenty-five years later I had still only managed to find one of the others, plus Yep kept publishing books with "Dragon" in the title that were super-realistic stories about the Asian-American experience and I am sure they were great and all but they did not have actual DRAGONS in them so that was a terrible bait-and-switch, Mr. Yep. Anyway I finally went wait, I am a grown-up and a librarian now so I can just ILL them if I want.

Dragon of the Lost Sea by Laurence Yep )

I also read Captain Blood for FMK yesterday! It is another one that I really liked, and tbh I liked it too much to want to think about it in a critical way as opposed to a squee way. So here are three things for it too:

Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini )

Also despite 1922 Captain Blood was way better on both race and gender than the community theater production of Peter Pan I went to see a friend in yesterday, so, you know, that was a thing where they had elementary school kids wear feather headbands and say "ugh" lot, it definitely was.

Last weekend I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Dr. Strange, because I have the best friends.

Guardians of the Galaxy )

Dr. Strange )

Also I now really really need the story where Thor is fucking his way though all the Infinity Stone bearers. I may possibly even need to write it myself. ;_;

Let's see, what else have I been meaning to post about here? Oh! I did read Makt Myrkranna and Pale Guardian, did I post about them?

Makt Myrkranna, the early Icelandic Dracula translation, managed to be a better Dracula story than Dracula, I think. Vilma was great. Also possibly helped by the fact that Iceland has much more of a living tradition of revenants, maybe, so it felt more like it was part of a vampire tradition? IDK. Also I apparently now know enough Icelandic that I could immediately tell when the translation footnotes were screwed up and referenced to the wrong part of the text.

Pale Guardian was the new Ashers novel. 1) That continues to have the best vampire worldbuilding I have ever encountered, and she always follows it to the logical conclusion and makes it work, and she made it work on the front in WWI too; 2) The way James just accepts the fact that the London vampires basically treat him as one of their own at this point was really good character development? 3) He REALLY needs to catch up with the other two and realize he is in a poly triad not a poly V already.

...and that is probably enough.

Before I leave for Iceland on Sunday I still have both Becky Chambers books and two FMK to read and also to decide whether to actually read that Falco book I checked out right before I read the last one and she made it weird, or return it unread.

Wet Victoria Day

May. 22nd, 2017 07:52 am
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I've started on my late spring break. I have a few friends over for lunch and Ipad get together later on. We will grill under the patio roof since it's raining. Not hard but raining.

Hockey games this week-end. Let's start with the good one. Yesterday, the Pens bulldozed the Sens 7-0. For the Sens it's forget, regroup and win the next one tomorrow in Ottawa. For the Pens, it's forget this one and do it again tomorrow. I love both teams. They both play somewhat clean hockey, well within the more clean parameters of the game these days, good hockey, sometimes boring hockey (Sens) but never uninteresting.

Bonino's line killed it yesterday. The D lines have magical depth. Another D got hurt in the last game and well, Streit took and rised to the challenge. The trade deadline pick ups are paying off. Hainsey is playing his heart out. First playoffs in a long career and he might get to the finals and have contributed big time. He's the Schultz of this year playoffs for the Pens in my book.

The Sens have to stop letting Crosby use his sweet, favourite spot to score (left side of the goalie practically right next to the goalie) unattended. He made a perfect sight unseen sick pass to Kessel for a goal yesterday right from that spot and scored in the game before too. I love to watch Crosby score, but man, Sens help yourself at least.

Now the Western Conference series. I want PK Subban to win this series (even kinda the Stanley Cup, if only to bring it to Montreal and the Children's Hospital and piss off the Habs) because... f**ck the DUCKS! Screw Kesler and screw even more Getzlaf. 10 000$ that's like ridiculous and he didn't even tried to look like he was sorry. Shaw got suspended and fined 5 000$ the last time anything was done about homophobic slurs during a playoff game. He apologized and he even turned around and did something constructive. I don't like the guy or the way he plays hockey but I can acknowledge he genuinely did something to change. Getzaf, nope. Kessler plays dirty, vicious hockey. The Ducks play overly aggressive, vicious hockey and I want Nashville to wipe them off the ice with speed and intelligent hockey.

Sweden won the World Cup in a shootout against Canada. I hate shootout. Good for King Henrik and Nylander and Backstorm but sad for Marner and MacKinnon.

I'm a third into the last N K Jemison's book of the Inheritance trilogy. It's really good. I find myself rationing my reading so it will last longer. I also have my yearly Maigret in progress. This one is set in Liège. So far Maigret hasn't made his presence known.

I also forgot to put on sunscreen on Saturday while reading outside. Part of my legs have been heavily sunburned since. I'm hydrating them with soothing lotion many times a day. It's less painful today. Still I am not gonna forget again. Nope.

A wrap up of the many goals yesterday. Watch Crosby score from his favourite spot, pass to Kessel from his favourite spot and smirk at the Sens from his favourite spot. That smirk is something.

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Continuing the theme of "what's a plan?" in terms of gardening, we're not venturing out to Eastern Passage next weekend after all--turns out Étoile Estates isn't able to have the scheduled second week of veggie plant sales (the owner has to work), although apparently we can order and have things delivered. Not sure we'll do that; there's only tomato variety I was specifically already interested in on their list, and I mostly wanted to go for the experience of looking around. But we'll see.

Today's plan to dig out a small flowerbed was set aside when the board emailed to take us up on our offer (us and Neighbor G, who'd been planning to take our unwanted shrub) to just dig the plant up ourselves. The landscaper they'd consulted didn't think it was worth it to try to transplant the shrub, which worked out, because G had realized that it wasn't actually a good fit for him after all.

So G and [ profile] scruloose spent a while digging the poor unwanted thing up, which went pretty fast once we thought to truss it up like a Christmas tree (getting its branches out of the way) and our neighbor remembered he has a pickaxe to go with our pair of spades. ([ profile] scruloose and I spent a chunk of yesterday shopping for garden supplies and equipment.) The combination of a pickaxe and not attempting to save the plant made it go very fast indeed, although then there was another hour or so of digging roots and rocks out of the hole, plus ripping dandelions out of the vicinity--thanks to Neighbor L, from our other side, who'd come outside and, when she heard me sadly mention our lack of a dandelion ripper, ducked in to lend me hers. (And now we have one too--I had to get some work done, so [ profile] scruloose made another shopping run to get one of those, some grass seed, and some spray-on sunscreen. I keep forgetting the latter is a thing; I hate most sunscreen, but G said he actually uses the spray-on stuff, and let me use some to protect my outer-arm tattoo. And lo, I didn't hate it.)

In our shrub's death, I finally learned its name, because its tag was still attached at the base. It was a Tor Spirea/Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor'. I do feel bad for its fate, but I really did try to at least not mind it for seven years. (Or eight. Whichever.) And honestly? As soon as it was gone, while there was still just a big gaping hole where it'd been, I already felt so much better about the space.

Or, as [ profile] scruloose said, "Suddenly it feels like being outside."

In honor of the occasion, I'm using Dreamwidth's image hosting for the very first time. Have a pic of the trussed spirea and one of [ profile] scruloose dealing with its roots: I embedded thumbnails, but I'm still cutting the pics in case you don't feel like actually seeing the poor spirea's fate. There's also a bit of explanation of how much of what's visible in the second picture is space we're allowed to work with )

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow we'll get the little flowerbed dug out so we can weekend? Or the week after? And I'd like to get the Lemon Boy tomato seedlings settled into their compostable interim pots.

But I also have a half-volume of manga due tomorrow, which until Saturday night I'd somehow thought was due Wednesday. >.> So the amount of garden work we accomplish will depend a bit on that, too.
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Fannish/Geeky Things

Blade of the Immortal trailer. [~2 min., subtitled]

"Supernatural Is Crossing Over With Scooby Doo Next Season".

"Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins the Cast of DUCKTALES Reboot".

Via [ profile] erinptah, an FFA thread on what kind of fic summaries do or don't entice people.

"65 ‘Wonder Woman’ Images Highlight Amazonians, Allies, and Antagonists".

"Hugh Jackman didn’t know wolverines were real animals".

"On Captain America and the Spirit of Story". [Kiya Nicoll]


Over at [ profile] ladybusiness, Ira and Anna have teamed up "to present you with two ways to skim the highlights of [The Vorkosigan Saga] in 5 books each". "This post is intended for two audiences: (1) People who have never encountered a Vorkosigan book in their life, or maybe have read one or two but don't really know the full series, so we can suggest a subset of the series that is readable by the Hugo voting deadline; and (2) Fans of the series so they can come argue with us about our picks. BOTH ARE SO WELCOME." (I'm in the former camp, so I've only skimmed the post and haven't gone into the comments.)

"What Will Sink Our Generation Ships? The Death of Wonder". [Kameron Hurley at Boing Boing]

"A Hot Steaming Sack Of Business Advice For Writers". [Chuck Wendig]


Via [ profile] telophase, "New WannaCry Ransomware and How to Protect Yourself". ([ profile] telophase's summary is "In short: if you're on Windows, make sure you're updated to the latest OS version. If you're on an unsupported version (XP, 2008), there's a patch you can load. Make sure your antivirus is updated.")

Signal boost: via [ profile] 2017revival, I see that [ profile] transandnonbinary is a newly-created community.

"The Ingenious Way TV Logos Were Made Before Computers".

" takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives".

ETA: [ profile] juniperphoenix linked me to's response: "Setting the Record Straight: Ancestry and Your DNA".

"An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong".

"The Skeletal Structure of Japanese Horror Fiction: Digging into the Guts of Japanese Folklore". [2014]

"Japanese Finally Comes To Duolingo".

fiber monday

May. 21st, 2017 08:00 pm
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Status: Tidblad for MIL is nearly at midpoint. ___Sand has two completed sleeves and the right shoulder width!! Body is paused for a break near 70% to let my finger heal: half-cotton yarn and a tendency to push the working needle back through = callus, stress-burst skin, and a bit of a bruise beneath them. Oops.

Having attempted to sew exactly zero of the patterns for tops that I've eyed since two years ago, I've renewed contemplation of knitting some: not cardigans but the layer beneath, as complement to the few cotton buttondowns left from grad-school teaching, the few linen buttondowns bought since (pricier), and the usually plain T-shirts to which I still default.

Read more... )

It's fine to have more ideas than time: beats boredom.

Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty

May. 21st, 2017 09:17 pm
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Six Wakes

3/5. Locked spaceship mystery in which six clones wake up with missing memories on a generation ship lightyears from earth in the bloody wreckage of their prior deaths.

When I say that this book is "fun" and "a palate-cleanser" it should be understood that includes stabbings. Lots of stabbings. And six cagey, pissed off people running around an enclosed space alternately feeding and attempting to kill each other. There's this vague philosophical underbelly going on about the things you might expect – immortality and the ways it changes you – but let's be real, I was here for stabbings and plot twists and revenge schemes.

But I mostly wanted to talk about the fact that the author reads the commercial audio. This is a thing that is happening more often, and I get why it seems like a good idea. But you know what? Audio narration is a skill, and it takes practice, and probably also some innate talent. Mary Robinette Kowal has been doing it for a while, and she was pretty good reading her own stuff. Same with Emma Newman, who has extensive experience and who really knocked her own Planetfall out of the park (and who has the advantage of a lovely voice to work with). Lafferty does podcasts, but that really isn't the same thing as performative reading, and well. She's just not that good. She's also not bad, but she's a little affectless, a little forced. And this is how she'll get better, I guess, but it really pointed out how a mediocre narrator can make awkward writing truly thud. The dialogue in this book is, well. How do I put this? A really good, seasoned performer probably could have saved a lot of it with effort. Lafferty could not.
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I feel, in good Viennese, "wia daschlogn," i.e. my head weighs a ton and that's after pain pills. I blame the weather, it went from middle of the summer on Friday to autumn on Saturday and then spring today. (Weather forecast: changeable, fuck.) At least it's the weekend and it doesn't matter so much, and in a few minutes I will go to bed. Sleeep.

Today I ran in Vienna's Women's Run, it was nice. 5km, and considering that I didn't train much because my knees hurt if I'm not careful I'm satisfied with my time. Every kilometer I was a little bit faster.

Then I visited my family for lunch & a nap, and when I came home our new roommate Eva offered me still warm apricot pie. We definitely got lucky in the roommate lottery. Then I convinced her to watch her first hockey game, that was fun too. The Pens won 7-0 :) Goals goals goals. And Sweden won gold, capped by attempted goalie murder.
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When the Moon Was Ours

2/5. A girl with a complicated past grows roses from a wound in her wrist; the local "witch" girls want the roses for their own ends.

Well, on the plus side, this is a great example of a book where representation works so much better when it's not done on the 'one and only' model. There are two trans characters in this book who are in very different places in re their identities, their bodies, and their transitions. And because there are two of them, it is so much easier to take each of them where they are, as a person, rather than – unfairly but inevitably – as some sort of comment on trans people in general, or transition in general, or or or.

On the other hand, this book is 70% symbolism by volume, with a plot tossed over top. These are not the proportions I like my fiction to have. I spent this whole book like, "Wait, that wasn't a metaphor, the pumpkin literally turned to glass? Oh-kay . . . what does that mean? What do the paper moons mean? What about the – oh, for fuck's sake."

Either this novel really ought to have been novelette length, at most, or it is so so so so not for me. Or both.

(no subject)

May. 21st, 2017 08:42 am
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Having temporarily taken a break from lengthy space operas about terrible wars within ongoing franchises after finishing DS9, [personal profile] innerbrat and I have now started watching through Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I'm going to try to stop to write up about every ten episodes for anyone who is interested in following along on this moderately lengthy journey.

For the record, going in, here is my knowledge of The Clone Wars as picked up via tumblr osmosis:
- there are clones
- Anakin has an apprentice named Ahsoka and we all love her
- Obi-Wan might have a romance with a planetary leader because that's just what Jedi do, apparently
- there is a Complicated and Tragic plot about Ahsoka's ruined relationship with the Jedi order that allows her to survive to appear in Star Wars: Rebels

That's it! That's all I know. Other than what happens in these first ten episodes of Season 1 )

Stony Trumps Hate

May. 21st, 2017 01:48 am
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Yay! The Stony Trumps Hate auction is on. You should come bid on me (I am currently a very reasonable $35) or on any one of these fine people (although ideally not the ones I am bidding on because then I will be sad).

Also I signed up for the Steve/Tony anniversary zine, for which I am hopefully writing something short (*glares sternly at self*) but I am excited nonetheless.

On the plus side, I am done with my Cap-IM RBB draft (60,000 words! short, for me), so that means Cap RBB, a couple bingo fics, FTH still, STH after it's over, the anniversary zine... and then I guess BB. And origfic. Have not forgotten origfic.

It's gonna be a busy few months, I guess.

some things

May. 20th, 2017 09:15 pm
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* If pre-Bronze Age mitteleuropäisch archaeology interests you (the chunk preceding what's sometimes called Hallstatt culture), check out

* Osugi Ren, a solid character-actor who seems to work regularly, plays the eponymous father in a new jdrama called Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no otōsan (father of light). Summary: Ren's character takes slightly early retirement after a work-focused life, and he and his son bond while playing FF14.

I would like to know who or what has jumped a shark here, but not enough to try to watch the show.

* [personal profile] skygiants has pointed out that I Hear Your Voice seems to have a subtext of Ace Attorney characters and lines. Reading recaps for the first two hours' worth of Suspicious Partner (now broken into four eps instead of two due to the introduction of midpoint commercial breaks), I wonder---it seems to have a similar evocation.

* I'm convincing myself slowly to pick up Persona 4 again, this time to finish it. The game's internal calendar follows the (Japanese) school year; I've played from April through sometime in fall on a PS2, then restarted (P4Golden) on a Vita and played from April till a bit shy of December break. Both saved games remain available, but I'm much more likely to use a Vita during summertime than an old-style, extra heat-generating PS3---which also makes P4G more attractive than the recently released Persona 5.

* If I do resume P4G, I'll continue not watching tv. :P Kinkyū torishirabeshitsu S2 is emerging; Star Trek: Discovery---which partner seems to want to watch more than I do---doesn't start till the fall. Or perhaps I'll keep playing Bonza National Geographic, a word game plus occasional jigsaw puzzle for smartphones, and reading syndicated feeds. I'd rather regain a tolerance for reading books. I have a book post for Wed, actually, after writing briefly about a book read more than a month ago, but it's the very last queued post. *whistles*

* Still sort of coughing---noticeably less even than last week. Zeno's paradox lives. Let's see how I do with three nights of single parenting before I declare the pneumonia gone.

The Iron Hunt by Marjorie Liu

May. 20th, 2017 10:12 pm
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The Iron Hunt

3/5. Urban fantasy about the loner woman with demons who live in her tattoos trying to slot herself into a life with a partner and friends while the potential apocalypse comes.

Yeah, so, most people probably know Liu now through her comics, but I knew her from a long-ago series of recs from several different people that left me with the strong impression that she writes delightfully batshit stuff with, like, hot gargoyle-on-lady action. So I finally grabbed this book – being one of the few options available in audio – and. I am saddened to report there is no hot gargoyle-on-lady action here. I mean, it's nice? There's lots of plot and cool worldbuilding and oodles of backstory barely hinted at. And a central relationship that is established and quietly awesome (he's so respectful of her, it's actually confusing!)

So I went and looked at Liu's website and it turns out this series is listed as "urban fantasy," and she has another series listed as "paranormal romance" which I suspect is what was recced to me.

And here's my question: why oh why oh why can't I have lots of plot and worldbuilding and interesting backstory and hot gargoyle-on-lady action? This does not seem so hard!*

And yet. Genre rules, kids.

*Aside from the gargoyle dick.

More fun with Greek

May. 20th, 2017 09:47 pm
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So I think I mentioned before that [personal profile] lysimache is teaching me Attic Greek; I am five? six? -- some amount, anyway. I am some amount of chapters into Athenaze.

I knew already that Greek morphology was a mess, so I was anticipating hating having six principal parts and the middle voice and the aorist and the perfect and whatnot. But I'm not even there and I ALREADY hate it. Contract verbs are a mess. Imagine that you have a language where some of your verbs have theme vowels, right? Now imagine that in a particular dialect of your language (unfortunately, Attic), conjugating these verbs means that half the time the endings cause the theme vowel to "contract," by which they mean disappear in a variety of ways that are completely different depending on what form it is and what vowel it is. Basically if asked to produce some form of a contract verb I put an omega in the middle and hope for the best.

And these deictics? What the hell are these deictics? Why does ἐνταῦθα mean here, there, hither, thither? Those are FOUR DIFFERENT THINGS. There's not some kind of word limit. You could have a different word for each of them. There are already like five different particles that mean something like and.

And then I got to αὐτός. In cases other than the nominative (yes, of course Greek has a case system, what do you think?) it's the third person singular pronoun (he/she/it -- or, I guess, him/her/it). In the nominative -- as well as in all other cases -- it is the intensive adjective -self (like "I myself cannot believe that Greek would do this to me"). So in cases other than the nominative it may be a pronoun, or it may be an intensive adjective! Ha ha! And for added fun, when it's an attributive adjective, it means "the same."

Also sometimes when the sentence is about a noun you have already mentioned before you can just have the definite article without the noun and the subject of your sentence is, in its entirety, "the."

Dear Greek: would it kill you to have more words?

(I know, probably it would also help if I memorized the endings, especially the forms of the definite article. Meh.)

Lady Business Post

May. 20th, 2017 04:33 pm
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Yesterday a post I co-wrote went up on Lady Business! Its about how to sample the Vorkosigan Saga if you are trying to get feel for the Hugos. Hope you enjoy.


May. 20th, 2017 10:46 am
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So, yes, I've been mentioning this in other posts for some time now, so it's about time that I typed one up on the subject. As I've said before, I'm currently trying to sell my (nonworking due to a starter issue) car and my (in almost new condition) bicycle on craigslist. And, wow, I've had some responses that deserve being shared.

Some of my favorites:

* The person who sent me a lot of questions about my car before asking what I wanted for it. (Which, by the way, is listed in the post itself.) Their response when I said "[insert dollar amount here] or best offer" was an almost immediate "... oh, you want money?"

* The person who I went back-and-forth with via e-mail for several days, to the point where we where we were talking about arranging for him to come see the car. He then asked where we should meet. I replied back pointing out that, since the car won't start until it has some work done (which not only is in the subject line and body of the craigslist post, but was also the subject line of every. single. email. that we'd been sending to each other), we'd need to meet at my apartment complex since that's where it was parked. Somehow, despite all of that, he'd managed to miss the fact that the car has starter issues and wouldn't turn on.

* The person who offered me $50 for the car but only if I'd pay for it to be towed to him (which definitely costs more than $50 in this area). And who then kept sending me e-mails for days after I told him "no" and stopped replying to his messages.

* The thirteen different people (so far!) who've sent me e-mails asking about which motor the car has in it, how many miles it has, etc. despite all of that information being listed very clearly in the craigslist post.

* The guy who, for something like two weeks straight, kept making plans to come see my bicycle only to never send me a message on the day we'd arranged asking the address to meet (as I told him I'd send him more information once he was sure he could make it). I'd get an e-mail something like 12 hours later saying that "something had come up" and making plans to meet on a different day.

* The guy who sent me several e-mails asking about my bike before asking for more information about where I'm located. (Not the address, just general info.) Which was already in the craigslist post. He then disappeared for several days, making me assume he'd realized how far MoCo is from NoVA (where he just moved), before sending an e-mail asking to come see my bicycle the next day. I said "sure" - and didn't hear anything from him for three days. Then he sent an e-mail asking to meet last night. I said "sure" - and, yet again, didn't hear anything back from him until 2am this morning (after I'd already gone to bed) asking if he could meet me first thing this morning to take a look at the bike. I sent him an e-mail and a text when I woke up this morning at 9am, but I haven't heard any reply.

* The guy who called me several inappropriate terms, over the course of five e-mails, because I wouldn't sell the bicycle to him for $25. I was going to make him look like a bad guy to his girlfriend, because he'd already promised to buy the bike for her! How dare I not accept his offer!?

* The woman who very clearly knew absolutely nothing about bicycles but was trying to buy one for her still-a-fairly-young-child grandson. (I explained to her just why my bike wasn't a good option for a kid and pointed her towards some places to get more information about what would be appropriate.)

And that's not counting the dozen or so people not mentioned who've sent me some e-mails asking about my bike and/or car, some of which have gone so far as to ask when would be a good time for them to come see them, only to disappear into the ether without another word.

Another one of those RL updates...

May. 20th, 2017 10:06 am
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It's been a tough week, for obvious reasons, but things are slowly going back to as normal as they can be. Garrus seems to be settling in to the new status quo, although he's definitely sleeping more than usual. I'm not entirely certain if it's because he's depressed and missing Tali, though, or if it's more due to her not being here to wake him up. Their sleep schedules were always a bit off, and she would wake up from her naps sooner than him and immediately make certain that he joined her in being awake.

He's definitely been a bit clingier the past few days, although it does seem to be tapering off the last 24 hours or so. His naps tend to be within sight of me rather than in other rooms, as they have been in the past, and he's been spending all night in bed with me rather than only part of it. (Although, once again, that might just be because there's no Tali to wake him up and not let him sleep.)

I've been fighting a headache (that turned into a migraine for a bit before fading back into just a headache) since Tuesday, but it finally seems to be fading. I made it to work for about half of Wednesday, stayed home on Thursday, and then went in again for a little over half the day on Friday. Luckily I have plenty of PTO, so I had it to spare. Still, it wasn't exactly the best week for it considering several people are out of the office at the moment. That's life, though.

There's still some craigslist-related drama going on in regards to trying to sell my bicycle and car that I totally need to type up a post about at some point. I'm getting closer and closer to saying "fuck it" and just donating the car to charity, at this point. Yes, I'd like some cash up front now, but that way I could at least get a tax credit next year. Besides, the sooner I get it taken care of, the sooner I can get my car insurance cancelled and try to get a partial refund for my tags.

D&D continues to take up quite a bit of my brain space, which is good for distraction-related purposes at least. In our Friday night game, it looks like we're getting ready to start a fairly serious dungeon crawl that's probably going to last quite a while based on the map we were given. I think we're all excited and a bit terrified for it.

Back on the cat front, I'm definitely thinking that I need to find a new companion for Garrus sooner rather than later. I haven't been away for a full eight hours at work yet since Tali died, but just being away for 4-5 hours on the two days that I made it in to the office seemed to be pretty hard on him. He's definitely not used to being completely on his own for extended periods of time. I'm not quite certain how ready I am for a new cat right now, but I do think that he needs someone to keep him company.

If anyone in the DC area knows of someone who's trying to rehome a cat, one who gets along well with others, let me know? I'm mostly keeping an eye on craigslist right now. Local animal shelters are technically an option, but a lot of them tend to require written confirmation from my landlord that pets are allowed and a vet recommendation (and some of them even require things like paycheck stubs as proof of income). All of which, you know, are technically possible for me to get but will take some time and effort due to my work schedule/lack of a car. So I'm looking into one-on-one arrangements first.

Still, I'll just have to see how it goes.


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